Recent Break-Ins At Harvard Mirror Cases From Years Before

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CAMBRIDGE, MA — Two recent break-ins at Harvard University have the ivy-league school issuing a warning to students who live on campus.

The university’s police said two break-ins were reported while students were sleeping in Mower Hall and Wigglesworth Hall over the last week.

Police say the burglars climbed into the first-floor windows of the residence halls and stole laptops, Air Pods, a backpack, and a wallet from the room while students were asleep inside. It is unclear if the two cases are related at this time.

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This is not the first time robberies similar to this were reported, as Harvard’s student-run newspaper the Crimson reported robberies just like these have happened multiple times over the past few years.

In September 2018, several Wigglesworth Hall residents reported that someone climbed through their first floor window while they were sleeping and stole “laptops, wallets, and an iPhone,” Steven Catalano, HUPD spokesperson said.

Find out what’s happening in Cambridgewith free, real-time updates from Patch.

Four hours later on that same day, officers discovered an attempted burglary at Mower Hall while in the Yard investigating the burglary in Wigglesworth Hall. These 2018 incidents came just a few weeks after another string of thefts were reported in Holworthy and Mower Halls.

Then in Feb. 2020, four burglaries were reported in freshman residence halls, according to police logs released by the Harvard University Police Department.

The earlier thefts are similar to those that occurred this week in terms of both methods and items stolen.

The university’s police department is asking students not to prop their doors open, hold a door for strangers, or allow strangers to “piggyback” inside buildings using their access cards.

Residents should close their windows when leaving their rooms, even for short periods of time; should not disengage the “ventilation stop” on first-floor windows, and should keep all property away from windows in order to prevent someone from reaching in and removing it.

A spokesperson from the Harvard University Police said officials will release an update on the case later Thursday.

Anyone with information is urged to call the university police at 617-495-1796.

To request removal of your name from an arrest report, submit these required items to [email protected].

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