Two Massachusetts Mothers Travel To Ukraine With Medical Supplies

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NORTH ATTLEBORO, MA — Two women from North Attleboro and Walpole have made it to Poland where they will make their way to the war-torn Ukrainian border to deliver supplies to refugees in need.

Ulana Nosal and Terry Reid left for Poland Monday, with plans to deliver six duffle bags filled with medical supplies on behalf of Sunflower of Peace, Nosal said in a Facebook video Sunday.

On Wednesday afternoon, Nosal posted a video update of a shelter in Poland to Facebook, noting how unfair and unjust the current situation was for Ukrainian refugees. “This is unimagineable,” Reid commented.

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“No child should be living like this,” Nosal added, starting to break down in the video. Both Nosal and Reid are mothers who say this mission is personal to them, as Nosal came to the U.S. from Ukraine when she was 12-years-old, and Reid’s grandmother is from there.

“My dear friend Terry and I decided to travel to Poland to help with both humanitarian efforts and bring medical aid directly to the Ukrainian border,” Nosal said in the video. “The supplies will be handed over to a family member who works for the U.N., and they will be delivered to civilians and Ukrainian troops.”

Find out what’s happening in Attleborowith free, real-time updates from Patch.

“With a network of personal and family contacts working in Ukraine and Poland, we have an opportunity to provide immediate assistance,” Reid wrote on her Facebook page before the two left Monday night from Logan International Airport in Boston.

The two have set up Venmo accounts dedicated to sending money directly to their cause, and say they plan to pick up families at the border, feed them, and help them find housing.

“I promise you that every dollar raised will be spent in the next seven days helping Ukrainian people who truly need it,” Nosal added.

“We hadn’t even left the airport to get our ride and we met three young Ukrainians who fled Kyiv, who left their families behind,” Reid said in a Facebook video update Tuesday. “They’ll be staying in Warsaw for a little bit, not really knowing from there what to do, so we gave them our contact information, and we will help them in any way we can.”

“Putin will never win. He can’t,” Nosal said on Facebook. “There’s too much good, too much good in the world. He can’t win.”

If you are interested in donating to their cause, you can send funds via Venmo to @cym-boston or donate to the Sunflower of Peace organization out of Cambridge.

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